Trip to Snailbeach 112 Yard Level / Snailbeach Section
2nd October 2011, Shropshire Caving & Mining Club
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Snailbeach Section

Snailbeach Section

Fragment of ‘Plan No.17’ drawn and surveyed by Captain Oldfield, Nov. 1909. traced by P.Blight, March 1921.

On the diagrams No.1 is the point where we descended from the 90 yard level, down the unstable slope. No.2 the limit of exploration at the T-junction between the cross-cut to Georges or Old shaft and the main level.

No.3 is the ‘Dog-leg’ shaft between the 40 and 90 yard levels and No.4 is approximately the site of the route down from Perkins Level to the 40 yard level.