Trip to Snailbeach 112 Yard Level / Snailbeach Plan
2nd October 2011, Shropshire Caving & Mining Club
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Snailbeach Plan

Snailbeach Plan

Fragment of ‘Plan No.17’ drawn and surveyed by Captain Oldfield, Nov. 1909. traced by P.Blight, March 1921.

On the diagrams No.1 is approximately the point where we descended from the 90 yard level and No.2 the limit of exploration. The un-numbered arrow (far left) shows where the level we were on reached the drainage level and tunnel to Engine Shaft.

NOTE: Due to the hade of the vein, to intersect lower levels the shafts are situated in progressively longer cross-cuts, until they reach a point where they have to become inclined shafts. Hence the straight lines from the shaft positions crossing the various levels.

The blue line from Engine shaft off to the left is the 112 yard drainage level to Waterwheel in the Hope Valley.