Trip to Snailbeach 112 Yard Level
2nd October 2011, Shropshire Caving & Mining Club
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Snailbeach Plan
Snailbeach Plan
Snailbeach Section
Snailbeach Section
The Flake, © Kelvin Lake
The Flake
Rail Stemples, © Andy Kennelly
Rail Stemples
Wading with Gear, © Andy Kennelly
Wading with Gear
Timber Stalls, © Kelvin Lake
Timber Stalls
Surveying, © Kelvin Lake
Surviving Timbers, © Kelvin Lake
Surviving Timbers
AK Surveying, © Kelvin Lake
AK Surveying
AH Surveying, © Kelvin Lake
AH Surveying
ST Wading, © Kelvin Lake
ST Wading
Route to Shafts, © Stuart Tyrer
Route to Shafts