Shropshire Caving & Mining Club - Yew Tree Level Exploration / D0021977
13th February 2010, Kelvin Lake - I.A.Recordings
I.A.Recordings, P.O.Box 476, Telford, Shropshire
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© Kelvin Lake (I.A.Recordings), Image - D0021977


The wooden dam at 36.2m

Dam made of planks held in place by vertical timbers, with a 1.1m thick bank of clay in-between the two faces.
Black & White centimetre scale stick on the broken timber.

Width of dam (across centre): 2.5m
Planks: 0.28m high, 0.04m thick.
Height of centre of dam (from silt under water): 1.9m

Compass direction: 160o

Camera position: 33m from datum at entrance.