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Techno-Facts - The Original Invention
The Borg consists of the same high quality micro-miniature colour video camera and 50 Watt wide beam light source as the MineCam, with a Hi-8 Camcorder mounted in a waterproofed backpack - controlled by a remote control box, fixed by velcro to the 'camera persons' chest.

The light is mounted in an old miners cap-lamp housing, while the camera is fixed to the side of the helmet at eye-level (to give a more realistic viewing position).

A small front silvered mirror on a hinged arm allows the operator to see the view finder mounted on the opposite side of the head to the camera, again at eye-level.

Trials of the 'Borg' have produced some fascinating underground exploration video, although the person wearing the kit has to be careful not to move too fast !

Following on from the success of the Club trials with the MineCam and having seen Alien where they explored the planet with helmet mounted cameras, it was only a matter of time before the Club techno started building one....

Like all pioneering efforts, since the 'Borg' was built Action Cameras have been invented and now everyone and their cat are wearing cameras, but at least we captured some interesting exploration footage!

Borg Model

Pictures: Peter Eggleston